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China’s Aggressive Behavior Escalates After Biden’s Afghanistan Failure

China has been pestering the US military more in recent months, according to a new DOD assessment. The report claims that Chinese planes and ships are engaging in increasingly aggressive maneuvers near US forces in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

According to the research, China has developed artificial islands and bases in the South China Sea to increase its military presence. These measures threaten regional security and stability, the study concludes.

The claim comes as the US struggles to retain its Indo-Pacific military footprint. The US has funding problems and is removing soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq.

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The study warns China’s aggression threatens the US and its regional partners. The study advises the US to boost its Indo-Pacific military footprint and collaborate with partners to resist China’s military rise.

According to the research, the US should cooperate with China to avert regional conflict. The research predicts a US-China war would devastate both nations and the planet.

In recent months, several investigations have shown similar results. The Center for Strategic and International Studies said in September that China’s military deployment in the South China Sea is at an all-time high. The assessment warned that China’s military presence in the region threatens the US and its allies.

Many China specialists agree with the report’s findings. In October, a group of China specialists wrote in the Washington Post that China’s military is becoming more aggressive and that the US must prevent it.

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Concerns surround the report’s conclusions. China’s increasing military capability and Indo-Pacific aggression threaten the US and its allies. The US must prevent China from employing force and retain its military presence in the area.

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