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Elon Musk Warns Biden Admin ‘Sleepwalking Into World War III’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has warned the Biden administration that it is “sleepwalking into World War III” with its handling of the Ukraine crisis. In a tweet on Monday, Musk said that the US is “getting close to a proxy war with Russia” and that it is “not inevitable” but “increasingly likely.”

Musk’s remarks coincide with the US and its allies giving Ukraine military support and intelligence in the country’s conflict with Russia. Additionally, the US has placed harsh sanctions on Russia, which have had a big effect on the country’s economy.

Musk, however, has maintained that more has to be done by the US to support Ukraine and that these steps alone are insufficient. He has demanded that the US deploy soldiers to support Ukraine in its retaliation against Russia. Additionally, he has demanded that the US establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine.


Reactions to Musk’s remarks have been conflicting. He has received appreciation from some for raising awareness of the Ukraine conflict. He has drawn criticism from some for being overly dramatic and for not seeing the complexity of the matter.

It is crucial to remember that Musk is not an authority on global affairs. He is a successful businessman who gained his wealth in the technology sector. Nonetheless, his remarks hold weight as he is among the world’s most powerful individuals. He has a sizable social media following, and his tweets are frequently picked up by major media outlets.

It’s also critical to remember that other people have issued warnings over the potential for a global conflict over Ukraine, in addition to Musk. A number of other experts have also issued warnings over the risks of escalation, including former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The Biden administration has stated that it is striving to prevent a direct confrontation with Russia and that it is dedicated to assisting Ukraine. But the administration has also declared that it would not establish a no-fly zone or send soldiers to Ukraine.


Whether the Biden administration’s strategy is effective is still to be seen. Musk’s remarks, however, serve as a warning that the globe is in a perilous scenario and that, if the situation in Ukraine is not carefully handled, there is a chance of a broader conflict.

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