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Monica Crowley: The World is Crying Out for Trump’s Leadership

Monica Crowley, former Trump administration official, says the world is crying out for Trump’s leadership.

In an appearance with Fox Business, Crowley said that international leaders are pining for Trump’s comeback since President Biden’s foreign policy plan has failed miserably.

“The world is crying out for Donald Trump’s leadership,” Crowley said. “They are desperate for someone who will stand up to China, Russia, and other rogue nations.”

As proof that Biden is failing on the international scene, Crowley cited the president’s retreat from Afghanistan, the continued conflict in Ukraine, and the increase in inflation.

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“President Biden has completely abdicated his responsibility as leader of the free world,” Crowley said. “He is weak and indecisive, and our adversaries are taking advantage of him.”

Crowley’s remarks coincide with Trump’s growing hinting to a possible 2024 presidential bid. Trump has attacked Biden’s track record on foreign policy and declared that, in the event that he believed that the nation was in danger, he would be prepared to take office again.

“I’m not going to stand by and watch the country go to hell,” Trump said in a recent speech. “If the people want me to run again, I will.”


It’s unknown if Trump will eventually choose to enter the presidential race once more. Nonetheless, it appears from Crowley’s remarks that a sizable portion of Trump’s fan base is calling for his comeback.

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