Donald Trump congratulated Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton over the weekend following the Texas Senate’s vote to acquit the state’s AG after an arduous impeachment trial.

“Congratulations to the Great People of Texas, and the State Senate, for rejecting POLITICAL PERSECUTION, and respecting the Integrity of our Elections,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

He continued, “We should choose our elected officials by VOTING, not by weaponizing government. This is for Banana Republics and Third World Countries. Now Attorney General Ken Paxton can get back to work. He’s one of the BEST!”

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According to RSBN, Paxton’s impeachment trial was mostly based on claims that he was having a sexual romance and that he got money for claimed legal favors without following the rules.

But the Texas Senate’s unanimous decision to clear Paxton of all charges over the weekend was a huge win for supporters of the attorney general in the Lone Star State.

On Saturday, Trump remarked on Truth Social, “The Ken Paxton Victory is sooo BIG. WOW!!!”

AG Paxton also thanked the president for his support. He wrote on X, “Thank you, President Trump. Looking forward to defending liberty for Texas.”

Previously, Trump went to bat for Paxton amidst the ongoing impeachment trial, asking, “Who would replace Paxton, one of the TOUGHEST & BEST Attorney Generals in the Country? Could it be a Democrat, or even worse, a RINO?”

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AG Paxton has a reputation for being a strong opponent of the bad border policies of the Biden administration. He has also worked for fair elections and the right to free speech under the First Amendment.

Paxton said of the Senate’s decision to clear him: “Today, the truth won. Mudslinging lawmakers and their strong backers couldn’t hide the truth. I’ve said this a lot: Look for the truth! And that’s exactly what happened. I want to thank the 4.2 million Texans who voted for me last year. I will always be thankful for your support, and I will continue to respect your vote by fighting for the rule of law and our civil rights.”

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