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What Happened To Heather Armstrong 2023 | Death Cause

Heather Armstrong, the mommy blogger of Dooce.com, dies at 47. Heather Armstrong, who many considered to be the Queen of Mommy bloggers.

This news coming as a shock to Armstrong’s millions of fans. She was one of the first to the frontier of blogging, founding her site Deuce in 2001. An author who captured hearts and readers with her candor about parenting, and addiction in all of life’s, ups and downs with her wit and unveiled honesty.

Pete Ashdown Heather Armstrong

Blogger and well-known author Heather Armstrong is well known for her website Dooce. Pete Ashdown, her companion, verified her demise.

The same year she published her memoir, 2009, she was recognized as one of Forbes’ most powerful women.

Armstrong authored three books about her experiences with these battles and was unflinchingly honest about her issues with drinking and despair.

Armstrong passed away following a recent relapse, according to Ashdown, although the precise cause of death is still unknown.

Heather Armstrong’s Net worth

Heather Armstrong’s estimated net worth at the time of her death on May 9, 2023 was $5 million, according to a number of sources, including and.

Armstrong was a well-known American blogger who wrote under the pen name “Dooce” and became well-known in the blogging world for her openness when discussing issues like parenthood, despair, and alcoholism.

Armstrong’s success as a blogger allowed her to appear on programs like “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on television.

Armstrong’s estimated net worth of $5 million is based on her lucrative blogging career and book deals, despite the fact that her obituary or other sources did not specifically mention her economic worth.

Heather Armstrong Biography (Table)

Full NameHeather Brooke Armstrong
Net worth$109,2 Million (2020) & $5 million (May 9, 2023)
professionBlogger, Author, Consultant, Columnist
BirthJuly 19, 1975
birth placeUnited States
deathMay 9, 2023
place of deathSalt Lake City, UT
cause of deathSuicide
Age47 years

Heather Armstrong’s death cause

Over the years, Heather was candid about her battles with depression and drinking, which she talked about on her blog and on social media. Although the cause of her suicide has not been officially determined, her history of mental health problems raises the possibility that it played a role.

In conclusion, Heather Armstrong committed suicide; however, the precise causes that may have influenced her decision are not officially known.

Heather Armstrong’s Emotional Last Video Before Death

Heather Armstrong Husband

In 2002, web designer Jon Armstrong and Heather were united in marriage. Leta and Marlo were their two children together.

She had Jon Armstrong as a business partner. But in 2012, Heather and Jon made their split public, and they later divorced.

Heather started dating former US Senate candidate Ashdown soon after her divorce.

Heather B. Armstrong, 47, passed away on May 9, 2023, leaving behind their two children as well as her ex-husband, Jon Armstrong.

Remembering Heather: The Queen of Mommy Bloggers Who Touched Millions with Her Humor and Heart

Her family breaking the news to stunned fans on her Instagram account, adding, hold your loved ones close and love everyone else. Considered the Queen of Mommy bloggers, heather grew a fan base of more than 8 million readers a month on her website, Deuce, giving people a deeply personal view of her journey through parenthood with both. Humor and heart.

Honesty and Irreverence: Remembering Heather Armstrong, the Mommy Blogger Who Tackled Tough Topics

Armstrong shared her irreverence once, writing in a 2009 blog post. In this stage of my second pregnancy, this body does not feel like my own. Sometimes I’m trying to roll out of bed in the morning, and I’m like, Whose boobs are these?

She didn’t want to shy away from tough discussions with readers. Armstrong was unflinchingly honest about her struggles with alcoholism and depression, writing three books about her experience with these battles.

As a mother of two, I couldn’t sleep. I started to have panic attacks, and I noticed that I couldn’t handle stress or situations very well, and it was a clear indicator that I was depressed. While the official cause of death is not confirmed, her longtime boyfriend Pete Ashdown says Armstrong died by suicide after a recent relapse in a statement.

Remembering her as a brilliant, funny, compassionate writer who struggled with mental health and alcoholism, she saved many lives through her authorship.

Remembering Heather Armstrong: A Tragic Loss to Depression and Suicide

Depression, but in the end could not save herself, and Armstrong was named one of Forbes’s most influential women in 2009, the same year she released her popular memoir, she leaves behind her boyfriend and two children.

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide or worried about a friend or a loved one, call The Suicide and Crisis lifeline at Nine Eight Eight for free. Confidential emotional support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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