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Who will win if there is a rematch between Biden and Trump? New poll shows a clear winner

A new survey suggests that former President Donald Trump would easily defeat Joe Biden in a 2024 presidential rematch.

The Washington Post and ABC News survey predicted Trump would take 52% of the vote and Biden 42%. Trump has a 10-point advantage, the greatest margin of victory in any recent survey.

Trump leads Biden among independents, white working-class voters, and suburban women, according to the survey.

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This survey shows that Republican voters still like Trump and that he would be a tough opponent for Biden. Note that this is just one survey, and outcomes may change dramatically before the 2024 election.

Given Biden’s easy 2020 victory, this poll’s results are startling. However, other variables may explain why Trump is topping the surveys.

With Biden in charge, the economy is hurting. Gas prices are rising and inflation is at a 40-year high. Voters are losing faith in Biden’s economic management.

Republican voters still love Trump. His Republican support rating has remained high during his administration, and he is the obvious favorite for the 2024 Republican candidacy.


Third, Biden faces party difficulties. His age, mental health, and economic management have drawn criticism from Democrats.

This survey is only one, and the results might change dramatically before the 2024 election. But this survey suggests that Trump would be a strong opponent for Biden in a rematch.

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